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Applied Power Electronics DAEbc2-04

Distribution of renewable energy sources and their special features when connecting to a power grid and/or loads. Topology of power electronic converters (PECs) for connecting wind turbines, photovoltaic modules (strings) and fuel cells to power grids and/or vehicles and vehicle systems. Modulation techniques for converter conversion PEC components in order to optimise the harmonic power content and/or load voltage as well as the harmonic content of the power supply or a power supply system in the vehicle.

Hybrid power generation systems. Hybrid electric vehicles, drive modelling techniques for carrying out the analysis and synthesis of work, power flows, integration and design of drives. HEV subdivision and subsystems. Analysis of the operating mode of the vehicle with respect to a driving mode of the vehicle. Power flows and system losses. Define basic energy storage management systems – batteries, super capacitors and hybrid systems.