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  • AMORES revised learning materials for teachers on interactive ICT tools in teaching national and European literature - final version

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    This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This course reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

    • Course aims

      This online course is designed to enable teachers to develop basic skills necessary for use of interactive ICT tools for creating e-artefacts effectively, and for creating activities envisaged in methodologies which will motivate students to read and learn about their national literature and national literatures of other European countries. The aim of the training is also to empower teachers by developing their competence and confidence in using interactive ICT tools in the classroom. If the course is a moderated one, it will also facilitate communication, collaboration and sharing of good practice among participants.


      • How to approach the course activities

        Please read this section before starting on the activities. It describes the target users the course was originally designed for and how the activities might be best approached by other users.

      • Moderators' forums

        This section will be used for communicating announcements, reminders and anything else that is considered important for the whole group. Feel free to use the Questions for your moderators forum to start discussions of your own.

      • Pre-workshop: Introduction to Moodle - week 1

        This section contains a tutorial which will help you to use and understand Moodle in a student role. You will also be able to find out more about the other course participants and moderators by posting in the forum. 

      • Pre-workshop: Introduction to Moodle - week 2

        This section will help you grow more comfortable using Moodle in the role of a student. You will be able to share a video presenting the school where you teach, and discuss the videos posted by other course participants. You will also discover which video creation tools most course participants like using.

      • AMORES teaching methodology and technology recommendations

        Here you can find the documents describing the AMORES teaching methodology, the background theory, and technology recommendations.

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      • Week 1: Using the creation of movies to educate

        This section will familiarise the user with a range of tools used to create videos and with the possible uses of videos in class. 

      • Week 2: Comic strip generators

        This section will familiarise the user with a range of tools used to create comic strips and with the possible uses of comic strips in class. 

      • Week 3: Games-based learning

        This section will familiarise the user with the possible uses of online games in class. 

      • Week 4: Edmodo

        This section will familiarise the user with the Edmodo environment and with the possible uses of social networking tools in class. 

      • Week 5: Videoconferencing

        This section will familiarise the user with a range of tools used for videoconferencing and with the possible uses of videoconferencing in class. 

      • Week 6: Plans for implementation/reflection

        It is recommended that this section be used by course participants for the whole duration of the course. It may be used for reflecting or for planning practical applications of new insights and knowledge. This section may come in particularly useful for participants who are collaborating on a project and need to devise a schedule. 

      • Additional resources

        This section contains further resources.